Our Mission

Our mission is to recognize and guarantee everyone's right to read.

Our Story

My name is San. Who I am is the least important part of the story. I was born to an immigrant and a first generation American, in a part of New York City that became increasingly impoverished over the years. It might best be known to a reader as the place in which yet another impossibly young child was killed by yet another random bullet at an indecently early hour, while seated beside her unbearably young parent. My folks were incredibly lucky. Because of education and the value that their families placed on learning, each was able to become their family's first college graduate. 

What my parents knew with absolute certainty, was that their children would be readers, that they might become people whose dreams could be realized.

Right 2 Read is the current iteration of what was, three dozen years ago, first incorporated as World Literacy: 2000, Inc. This non-profit was created when naiveté had me believing that the eradication of illiteracy on an international level could (within a mere 18 years!) facilitate the resolving of some of the world's most serious problems, including hunger, malnutrition, and poor sanitary conditions.

I believed in 1982, that I could surreptitiously go about solving the world's problems and not get my head blown off. With some trepidation I approached the acting director of admissions for Harvard Graduate School of Education and shared my vision. She told me that I was exactly who the school was looking to educate - I was ready to return to the pursuit of my goals. Nineteen days later, Malala Yousafzai was the victim of horrific violence for promoting education for girls.


Our story is unfinished and still being written.

Reading is, and always has been, my lifeline. That’s all I can say.
— Sandra Jo Lane, Founder and Visionary